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Location, Services 和 Transport

Queens' is located just outside city centre, 附近的支持, where Silver Street crosses the River Cam. 样品走:

  • 市中心:0.5英里;
  • University Mill Lane lecture rooms: 0.2英里;
  • University New Museums Site: 0.3公里;
  • University Downing Site: 0.5英里;
  • University Sidgwick Site: 0.5英里;
  • 大学图书馆:0.5英里.


请参阅 乘汽车旅行 for details of motor traffic access restrictions. Drivers with disabilities can obtain permits to allow them through the controlled area.


市中心(0.5英里). Some pubs 和 cafés nearby in Silver Street, Mill Lane (0.2 miles), 和 Newnham Road (0.5英里). Late-night shopping till 11pm at the Newnham roundabout petrol 站 (0.5英里).


Limited parking might be available on site 和 nearby accommodation by prior arrangement with the Head Porter on 01223 335511. Drivers with disabilities can obtain a permit.

剑桥运营着一个 公园和道路 system for visitors: the Madingley Road Park & 骑 site has a bus connection to Queens’ offered by the “Universal” bus route.


On Silver Street immediately outside Queens’ College is a bus stop for the University “Universal” bus route, offering a service to the University Biomedical 凸轮pus 和 Addenbrooke’s Hospital, 剑桥火车站, 大学图书馆, the University Mathematics Faculty, the University West 剑桥 site, 和 the Madingley Road Park & 骑. 看到 http://www.busuniversal.com/. 的 Silver Street bus stops are also used by the 城市观光 旅游巴士.

其他 local bus 和 national coach routes operate from the Drummer Street bus 站, 或Parkside, 关于0.75英里 on foot from Queens’. 本地运营商是 公共马车 小灵狗. 国家运营商是 国家 表达.

铁路 大约是1.5英里 on foot from College. 的 “Universal” bus route operates (except Sundays 和 public holidays) between Queens’ College 和 the rail 站; otherwise a taxi might be needed.


Queens' has around 450 undergraduates 和 500 postgraduates. 的 College has many listed buildings, which makes access improvements to the older areas difficult. 的re is ongoing building work 和 discussion about disabled access to the College. 的 College is very willing to help improve disabled access to all areas where possible, so please discuss your individual needs or suggestions in advance.


吸烟 is banned (including e-cigarettes) throughout College, except for one small area set aside for smokers, 克里普斯大楼后面. This is wheelchair accessible.


的 College Nurse is also the College’s 残疾联络官 和 can assist you with information 和 advice both before you arrive, 和 during your time at Queens’.

Tel: 01223 335578 or e-mail: nurse@queens.凸轮.ac.uk


健康中心 位于克里普斯法院. 的 College Nurse holds a weekday drop in clinic during full term. 关闭d Wednesday afternoons, except for emergencies or pre-arranged appointments.  Outside full term separate notices will be posted on the 健康 Centre door. 健康中心 has an automatic (wheelchair accessible) door on both the main entrance 和 the bathroom.


It is essential that you advise the College Nurse 和 Porters’ Lodge if you will need help evacuating in an emergency. An evacuation chair is housed in the 健康 Centre, 和 all the Porters are trained in its use.

住宿 和 餐饮

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

Three residential rooms have been adapted for wheelchair users: W1, BB2, CC3, all with en-suite wet-room showers 和 WCs. W1 和 BB2 have kitchenette facilities within the bedroom, CC3 has an adapted kitchen outside. Wheelchair access is available via ramps to the ground floor of staircases of W, BB, CC和弟弟, 和健康中心.

Live-in assistants 和 assistance dogs



Staying over vacations is possible, please refer to the Student H和book for further information.


的 cafeteria offers three meals daily, 和 there are four formal halls each week. 的re is a small coffee shop in the bar. Payment can be made by cash or via the UMIS cashless payment system using the University Card.


Most special diets, including Kosher 和 Halal, can be accommodated. Speak to the 餐饮 Manager or Chef. Kosher meals require 5 working days notice, Halal meals require 2 working days notice.




全球最大体育平台 accessibility的 College sites on both sides of the river Cam have step-free entry points with automated doors 和 gates, 和 step-free routes are available to almost all ground-floor public destinations in college. On the west side of the river, the main Porters' Lodge offers step-free entry into the college from Silver Street, with a mild downward ramp into the College, 通过自动门, 所有轮椅可访问. On the east side of the river, the Dokett Gate on Queens' Lane is automated 和 wheelchair accessible, operated by University Card, or by remote control from the Porters' Lodge. 的 Old Court entrance from Queens' Lane has two steps up into college 和 a heavy gate, 和 is therefore unsuitable for wheelchair users 和 some individuals with reduced mobility.

Connecting the two sides of college is the Mathematical Bridge, which has steep 1-in-5 ramps on both sides. This is negotiable by powered wheelchairs or mobility vehicles, but unpowered wheelchair users will probably require assistance.

Inside the site, there are step-free routes to most destinations, with occasional ramps.

College buildings in general

的 majority of residential staircases have steps at entry, even to get to the ground floor. 异常, having step-free ramped access to ground floor rooms, W:楼梯, BB, CC, DD, 和埃塞克斯建筑. 的re are two lifts in Cripps Court (at AA staircase, 和 in the Dining Hall lobby connecting to higher floors on FF staircase). Where automatic doors are fitted, they are operated either by push-button or by University Card: some push-button operated doors become secure card-operated after 8pm.


Level access to both entrances. Spacious inside, with a variety of seating areas. 降低了吧台. Level access to outside patio. Accessible toilet in nearby corridor.


发球区紧靠大厅. Level access through push-button automatic doors. 水平和宽敞的.


Level access through double doors, usually one of them bolted from inside. Fixed pew seating, with some ground floor pews.


的 Financial Office 和 IT Office are on the ground floor of Essex Building, which is wheelchair-accessible. Some other 学院办公室 are up stairs 和 through heavy doors, please contact staff to meet elsewhere if necessary, or contact the College Nurse to discuss.


JCR & MCR都可访问.


All residential rooms have an ethernet socket for wired internet, 和 the whole estate is covered by University wi-fi for wireless internet. 的 College IT Office is on the ground floor of Essex Building, wheelchair accessible.


旁边的餐厅. Level access through push-button automatic doors. 水平和宽敞的 inside, with moveable furniture.


SCR accessible using lift in AA staircase in Cripp's building.


花园 on site, in the older part of College. Mostly level 和 accessible, but some surfaces are uneven. Level gravel path along river.


One ground floor laundry, large inside but with a rather narrow door. Second laundry behind Friars' building, rather small 和 down a slight slope, ground floor.


Level access to ground floor, with entry by University Card. Two upper floors accessed by staircase. Work space on ground floor, 和 staff will help during office hours.

Porters' Lodge 和 post room

守门的' Lodge is the main entrance for pedestrians 和 is level, with a dropped counter. Both the Porters' Lodge 和 post room are accessible via automatic doors. Every student will have their own pigeon-hole: if there is any concern over the position of this, please discuss with the Porters.


Gym 和 Squash Courts on site, ground floor 和 accessible. 体育 fields on 酒吧ton Road. Boathouse on Trafalgar Road.


Two accessible toilets, one on each side of the river. One is in Lyon Court near the bar 和 Fitzpatrick Hall, 和 the other is in Walnut Tree Court, with access via RADAR key: a spare key can be collected from the Porters' Lodge.


  • Fitzpatrick Hall, used as a theatre 和 for sport 和 social events. Level access to lower level through double doors. Tiered seating when seating is in place, but room for a wheelchair. Accessible toilet just outside 和 to the left.
  • Old Hall 和 Munro Room, both in older part of College 和 used as smaller dining halls. Step-free access, with moveable furniture.
  • Music practice rooms are down stairs 和 through heavy doors.
  • 阿米蒂奇的房间, used for supervisions 和 meetings, is on the first floor of Cripps Court, accessible from both ends via the AA or FF lifts.



2 .请大家提前讨论.


Special hardware or software could be acquired if necessary.

Large print, Braille 和 audio

Large print letters 和 information on request.

图书馆 和 magnification equipment

No special facilities for text enlargement. Some could be acquired if necessary.


Good, clear, green 和 white signs all around College. Map available from the Porters.


Due to the age of our buildings in some areas of College, there are uneven 和 worn floors 和 some narrow staircases.


Visual or sensory alarms can be acquired.

Induction loop is installed in the chapel.


  • Some traffic noise from Silver Street.
  • 酒吧 has a jukebox 和 games machines.

Specific 学习 Difficulties

Arrangements for students with Specific 学习 Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Disability Resource Centre: please discuss your needs with the College Nurse.